The Five Main Benefits of the Internet of Things

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Just a decade ago, the internet was still a fledgeling invention, with only a handful of devices able to connect. Now televisions, kettles, toasters, and more, are all able to connect to the internet of things and with technology constantly developing, the possibilities for internet-enabled appliances is only set to grow.

The internet of things is the connections between devices that allow them to collect and share information and communicate with each other via the internet. It’s a development that has many benefits that will make life easier and simpler, improving the world around us, especially as more devices become able to connect. It’s estimated that by 2020 as many as 30 billion objects (excluding computers, laptops, phones, and tablets) will be connected to the internet of things.

With such a large number of expected connected objects, it’s important to know what impact the internet of things – something you may never have heard of before – will have on your life. Here are the main benefits that the internet of things will have for you.

Car Safety

The World Health Organisation estimated that 1.25 million people died from traffic-related fatalities in 2013, and a large number of those deaths are due to human …

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