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Digitization has provided new opportunities and new ways to explore better solutions for every health or financial problem. Today, artificial intelligence has forayed into offering therapeutic solutions which until recently was confined to traditional methods. 

Developing new methods of treatments in asthma or COPD is the recent trend with the evolution of AI. This is one of the potential solutions since most of the patients cannot keep track of medication and support the doctors in the treatment to attain proper medical aid.

Studies show that around 300 million people worldwide suffer from asthma and nearly 100 million people are victims of obstructive pulmonary disorders. Studies show that chronic respiratory disorders and asthma are the crucial reasons behind the reduction in the productivity of adults. Around €80 million are spent on respiratory care and hospitalization costs of adults across the globe. Hence, researches are underway to reduce the cost of hospitalization and cost for manual staff using robotics and other applications of artificial intelligence. As they say, machines never make a mistake. Hence, accuracy in providing medical aid is an additional benefit of using Artificial intelligence in respiratory care. 

Needless to say that AI has a new role to play in respiratory care and for …

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