The Dichotomy Between Data Science and Business Analytics

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As an analytics professional, I take a keen interest in trends of all sorts. Thanks to Google Trends, we don’t have to question the accuracy of this trend – in my business, any other trend can and will be questioned six ways from Sunday!

I know that IT investments are no popularity contests, but I think search term traffic is a good proxy for what interests businesses worldwide at a given point in time. In this blog, my objective is to try and highlight my understanding of what might be driving these trends. I’m stating what is obvious from this chart.

The interest in “Business Intelligence” has significantly waned in the last decade
The post-recession interest in “Data Science” has grown exponentially (and surpassed BI just a year ago!), while
“Business Analytics” has kept a decade-long marathon-paced trend in popularity

I started my career in analytics exactly 11 years ago. I think it coincided nicely with the emergence of analytics as a legitimate business function. And I worked at Hewlett Packard that could afford investments in high-performance software and research.

Business intelligence was very popular, and everyone was crazy about ETLs and data warehousing and “putting 2 and 2 together”. It was an exciting time to learn …

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