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Over the last decade, the way people treat the idea of artificial intelligence saw some significant changes. From a buzzword mostly referring to some distant future, it changed into a very real prospect that sees active implementation. Self-driving cars, machine learning, machine translation, neural networks – all these things are just the first tentative steps into the realm of true AI, but they already change the rules of the game all over the world.

Very soon, we are going to live in a world where AI is not just a prerogative of a small selection of high-profile tasks, but where it permeates every nook and cranny of our lives. And, of course, the job market will be the first to feel the consequences of this great AI democratization. In this article, we will cover five most likely changes that are supposed to happen (and already do happen) in the nearest future.

1. Companies are going to recruit data specialists from non-traditional locations

One of the main limiting factors precluding AI research to develop faster is the lack of specialists. Although it is already one of the most prestigious industries in the world and people are eager to get a relevant degree, the talent pool …

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