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Often times, one of the primary reasons why someone starts an online business is because of the freedom and flexibility it seems to offer. But sadly, many online entrepreneurs fall prey to illusions of grandeur when they imagine how their lives will be once their e-commerce store takes off.

The reality is that running a successful online business takes a whole lot more than what meets the eye. You cannot simply create a website, offer some products, then sit back and watch sales flood in. An online store is operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Therefore, someone needs to be monitoring and taking care of things at all times. Whether it be answering inquiries and emails, fixing issues with the website, ensuring that orders are fulfilled, or managing marketing campaigns, there are plenty of tasks to be done that can take up much more time than a typical 40-hour work week allows.

This is why the rise of automation is so influential and important to take notice of. In fact, over half of all businesses today are using automation in some capacity, and nearly all of these companies have reported incredible benefits.

However, the only way to truly integrate automation …

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