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Summary — Fundamentally, there are five ways to work with Artificial Intelligence. The 5 A’s of AI are the five ways for us to choose how we want to work with AI: are we guiding the AI or do we trust the AI enough to let it guide us.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will have a big impact on our work and life. Just like a simple pocket calculator is better at making calculations, AI is better at specific more complex tasks than we are. Maybe we could do it, but we rather use the calculator – or soon the AI. The difference between a calculator and AI is that AI can deal with way more complex tasks; even so much more, that in some situations we may choose it to lead us instead of us leading the AI.

AI is different from human intelligence

The stupid thing to do would be to compete with AI in fields that AI is really good at. And there are many. But there is good news. Although AI and human intelligence partly overlap in function, they are very different beasts. There are lots of things that AI cannot do that we are very good at. AI is better …

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