The 4 Big Data Positions to Fill to Create a Successful Analytics Team

For a few years now, big data has been one of the hottest types of business technology around. The high-visibility big data successes like Amazon, Facebook, and Netflix have sent everyone from Fortune 1000 businesses to SMEs of every kind scrambling to climb aboard the big data train. In the process, they’ve created a labor market that’s short on experts, and that has seen some of the strongest wage growth of any sector.

What they haven’t produced much of, though, is successful big data projects. In the rush to get up and running, many companies have hit significant stumbling blocks along the way. The situation is so grim that analysts have pegged the big data project failure rate as high as 85%. The biggest underlying problem seems to be that businesses aren’t building the kind of big data teams they need to get the results they want. To help correct that, here is an overview of four critical big data job positions and why they matter for businesses trying to transform into data-driven organizations.

Data Engineer

Of all of the big data careers out there, you can make a convincing argument that data engineers are the most critical among them. The reason is …

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