Techdown – The Presence of Technology on Super Bowl

With Super Bowl LI rapidly approaching, there are tons of questions that need answering. They range from the ones about the halftime show – why did Adele turn it down, what will it look like this year and will it be more spectacular than the infamous Super Bowl XXXVIII with its wardrobe malfunctioning incident? – to the actual game.

Namely, is Tom Brady going to be allowed anywhere near the ball before the game starts and, most importantly, how did the Atlanta Falcons manage to get here? After having more or less a horrible decade ever since Michael Vick left – except the 2012 season which was quite good, actually – almost nobody saw this coming. And while the New England Patriots have been consistently good season after season and even won four championship titles in the last 15 years, the Falcons are rather a surprise. Maybe it’s their way to say farewell and show respect to the Georgia Dome?

However, these aren’t the only questions since lots of people are going to be focusing on ads and social media reports. So, if you’re interested in the tech side of the Super Bowl more than in the sports aspect of it, here …

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