[Talend Podcast] Big Data in 2020: Featuring Mark van Rijmenam of Datafloq

According to research firm IDC, the big data and business analytics market is predicted to hit $203 billion in the year 2020. Today, the creation and consumption of data continue to grow by leaps and bounds and with continued investment in big data analytics hardware, software, and services and in data scientists and their continuing education. However, technology, tools, and trends in big data seem to go out just as quickly as they come in. With the pace of change accelerating at an ever increasing rate, what will “big data” mean in 2020?

To answer this question, I sat down with prominent big data influencer, Mark van Rijmenam, founder of Datafloq to talk to him about what changes to expect in the world of big data, artificial intelligence, analytics and more in the next two years.

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