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The last decade has seen unprecedented advancements in artificial intelligence. We have moved towards a data-centric approach, and data is the center of everything digital. The data collected through different sources is refined, analyzed, and orchestrated with data platforms to generate intelligent insights that can facilitate the growth of any organization.

The spread of these data platforms, coupled with the advancements in artificial intelligence, enable what has come to be known as the intelligent era. Enterprises are now making smart decisions – backed by actionable insights that also give them the guidance they need for the future.

As an SAP partner, I was given the opportunity to explore the SAP Data Hub and get insights into the data management challenges organizations face in the new Intelligent Era.

What to Expect in the Near Future

With bigger horizons and a solid base to build on, we can expect organizations to settle down with data to be a more significant part of this intelligent era. The following points list what can be expected from the future:

Enterprises will be able to generate data from any business, any person, and any device. This will be augmented by the Internet of Things or IoT and the broader 3rd …

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