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The data revolution is here, and it creates an investment priority for enterprises to stay competitive and drive new opportunities. One of the brightest areas is data monetization, which describes how to create economic benefits, either additional revenue streams or savings, utilizing insights provided by data resources. With B2B and B2C data needs reaching an all-time high, the monetization strategies now and into the future should be seamless for use across multiple platforms.

To get an expert view on this matter, I recently tapped Jeremy Rader, Director of Data Centric Solutions at Intel. The Opportunity for Data Monetization

Researchers have reported that the market size for big data is on the rise and is fast becoming an important distinction for organizations. This age of data means that the data culture for every organization needs to be revamped. Almost any company now has the potential to be a data company. In a research study conducted recently on big data and analytics, more than 85 percent of all respondents interviewed reported that their organizations had taken steps toward a data-driven culture. But, when asked if they had success in achieving that culture, only 37 percent replied in the affirmative.

Positioning Your Organization for Success

A key protagonist in this move …

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