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OWINGS MILLS, Md., Aug. 4, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Having already conducted four successful seminars across Texas, Star Compliance Services is working hard to reach out to more practitioners concerned about the evolving regulatory environment.  The company offers full-day events geared toward healthcare providers who want to learn more about federal and state regulations, HIPAA rules, changes to Medicare and Medicaid, and every related issue that affects day-to-day operations.

Leading each seminar is attorney and Chief Compliance Officer, Gregory Ewing, a recognized expert in healthcare compliance training.  Ewing has 17 years of firsthand experience in healthcare technology, privacy and security law and regulatory compliance. His credentials include a Master of Public Health from Harvard, among many others. Ewing’s knowledge and insight have made him an in-demand speaker and contributor at many events and for many organizations. 

“We developed our seminars with all providers in mind, especially smaller ones,” explains Ewing. “These providers often feel the weight of compliance issues more so than large organizations.  Small providers rarely have the resources and scalability to adapt to stringent, constantly shifting government regulations. A minor non-compliance issue has the potential to utterly sink an otherwise thriving practice.”

Ewing concedes that a dedicated, in-house compliance officer is simply out of reach for most independent healthcare providers. That fact spurred the creation of Star Compliance Services, which today offers a practical and eminently affordable means to get fully up to speed with all current health care regulations.

Star Compliance Services began operations early this year and despite its newcomer status, attendees of the live seminars have almost unanimously praised the company’s efforts.  Anonymous ratings on post-event surveys average better than 9 out of 10; nearly 100% of attendees profess they would recommend Star Compliance Services to a colleague. Thus far, the company has welcomed over 230 attendees, representing more than 150 providers to its four seminars.

Seminars with Star Compliance Services cover every detail that matters to smaller healthcare practices and organizations. Attendees will leave with a complete understanding of their obligations with respect to state and federal regulations. Likewise, they will have the tools and knowledge necessary to implement new regulations with minimal time and resource expenditures.  Steering clear of HIPAA penalties, which can be enormously costly, is equally a focus of each seminar.

Every seminar attendee received a basic but comprehensive combination of applicable rule and regulation summaries, templates, checklists, policies and job descriptions called the Compliance Starter Tool Kit.  By following this toolkit, providers will be able to streamline compliance within their own practices and offices.  A set of training tips will ensure that staff are on the same page.

Star Compliance Services understands that audits do happen, and therefore each seminar includes material related to dealing with that eventuality. Seminars are very interactive and conclude with an informal question-and-answer session to clarify any lingering issues.

Building on the success of events in Weslaco, San Antonio, Houston and Dallas, Star Compliance Services has several new seminars in the works.  These will be delivered in Texas but also in other states including the Capitol Region (Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C., etc.).  At the same time, the company is finalizing the development of a companion webinar series to offer the same material as the seminars in a more convenient and accessible format.

About Star Compliance Services

Star Compliance Services is the host and organizer for Medicaid, Medicare, HIPAA and OSHA compliance seminars and a repository of knowledge and trends on the evolving issue of regulatory compliance in the wake of the Affordable Care Act.

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