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Have you ever wondered what if the Robot movie becomes a reality? Or just like the move I, Robot ,humans won’t be able to deal with their power?

There has been a lot of debate in the past one year about the pros and cons of Artificial Intelligence. Some argue that it’s going to take the technological advancements to new heights, while few others argue that it will result in extensive job losses because of automation. Media has not backed away from promoting all the news related to AI as a doomsday story when robots will rule the world.

However, this argument has very little meat to it.

Human body and mind are still beyond our cognisance as there’s much more to it then we know. The human body is wired and functions in such efficient ways that we still haven’t been able to understand some inexplicable phenomenon. Talking about the human mind, it is the most beautiful and most profound mystery. The potential of a human mind is an untapped ocean and the more in-depth we try to dig the more astonishing discoveries shall be made.

Though AI will aid businesses to deal with data and to handle repetitive tasks, it is far from …

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