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Companies are already using the AI technology in monitoring and controlling their employees in many parts of the world. The idea of using data analytics by the employers in the management of workforce is not a new technology in the market, we are only lacking a clear conversation on wrapping our heads on application and improvement of this technology. The processes that are currently aided by AI technology in the market include workforce planning, staffing, and performance management processes.

The application of AI and other associate technologies have enabled employees’ monitoring at a granular and physical level. The use of AI technology differentiates the analysis of the submitted timesheet and the use of computer version and sensors in monitoring employees’ behavior. An employer can also analyze employees’ survey to identify any form of collaboration. Modeling email data in networking is used to check communication traffic across the teams.

It is preferable and recommended for employers to monitor employees’ behavior at their workplace with the use of modern technology like AI. However, the issue of concern is how employers use the obtained results. Learning machines are used in prediction of an employee with a reasonable accuracy. The technology is also used in the …

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