Semi-Autonomous Cars: Worries and Fears Driving Tesla-S and Similar Cars

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Science-fiction movies love to show off cars that drive themselves. In the original Total Recall, self-driving cars were even used to squeeze a little humor into the action film. For Tesla owners, there might not be much to laugh about when it comes to the semi-autonomous features associated with the vehicle. Not everyone feels comfortable with the automatic driving capabilities found in Tesla models and other cars. In time, however, such attitudes may change. Understanding the how’s and why’s of semi-autonomous cars could make them less frightening.

The Concept of Semi-Autonomous Cars

Semi-autonomous cars present a very valuable feature, one capable of helping drivers avoid mishaps and calamities on the road. Semi-autonomous is not the same thing as self-driving. Semi-autonomous cars do handle some of the tasks associated with driving, but do require the driver to do some work as well. So, the vehicle does not take on all the responsibilities of driving. Rather, a semi-autonomous car lends an assist. For those nervous about allowing a Tesla to run “on its own,” the semi-autonomous features gives them some control.

The Purpose of Semi-Autonomous Cars

The main purpose of semi-autonomous cars is not just to make driving one of the vehicles very leisurely. One huge …

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