Selling BioMetric Data as Big Data

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Are you reading this on your phone? Did you just use your fingerprint to sign in? Remember when that seemed futuristic?

It wasn’t that long ago, in truth. It seems that in just a few years biometrics has gone from a niche concern to being woven into many of the products we take for granted. Increasingly, our devices take measurements, from our fingerprints to our facial expressions, and use them for a variety of purposes.

Smartphones are just the most obvious example, of course. Perhaps the biggest innovator in this space has been Apple integrating biometric data in the form of fingerprint scanning and now facial recognition.

Many stores now use facial recognition technology, and even some gun safes use biometricss. Using your face or finger to unlock your safe, or your phone, is certainly convenient. However, the rise of biometrics gives rise to some tricky questions about how this data should be used and shared.

The Uses Of Biometric Data

Biometric data is now collected by a vast variety of companies and devices. A survey of British retail chains found that more than 25% of these stores are now using facial recognition software to log when customers visit, and what they buy.

Some companies are …

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