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In the first part we covered AI as the first line of defence for cybersecurity, the goal was to keep the cyber-criminals at bay, but in case they managed to get-in and infiltrate the network we need to initiate the second line of defence; #Blockchain. With the fact that cybercrime and cybersecurity attacks hardly seem to be out of the news these days and the threat is growing globally. Nobody would appear immune to malicious and offensive acts targeting computer networks, infrastructures and personal computer devices. Firms clearly must invest to stay resilient. Gauging the exact size of cybercrime and putting a precise US dollar value on it is nonetheless tricky. But one thing we can be sure about is that the number is big and probably larger than the statistics reveal.

The global figure for cyber breaches had been put at around $200 billion annually.

New blockchain platforms are stepping up to address security concerns in the face of recent breaches. Since these platforms are not controlled by a singular entity, they can help ease the concerns created by a spree of recent breach disclosures. Services built on top of #blockchain have the potential to inspire renewed trust due to the transparency built …

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