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“Data gone AWOL” — According to DeVry, it’s one of the top cybersecurity threats that could end up affecting your life. As it turns out, it may already have.

Recent revelations that Trump-hired political marketing firm Cambridge Analytica illegally harvested user data from Facebook to influence the 2016 US elections has shocked the world, but the Washington Post reports that it might be worse than we realize.

While Cambridge Analytica wrongfully obtained data on 50 million unconsenting users in 2015 and 2014, Paul-Olivier Dehaye, a privacy expert and co-founder of PersonalData.IO, believes that the data has already spread to other groups, other databases, and across the dark web.

“It is the whole nature of this ecosystem,” Dehaye said to Washington Post reporters. “This data travels. And once it has spread, there is no way to get it back.”

For anybody who isn’t up on the headlines, here’s a quick (and comedic) summation of what’s happened so far, as broken down by Stephen Colbert.

All of this has lead to comparisons to the Obama campaign’s use of social media, as well as increased calls for data, social network, and internet regulations.

Comparisons With Obama

Conservatives seem keen to point out a double-standard in this affair. Politifact points to …

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