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We extol the virtues of robots and AI quite a bit on this blog, and rightfully so; beyond serving as one of our competitive advantages in innovative solution design and development, it’s also one of the most exciting frontiers in modern computer science (which at this point is to say, the modern world). But as with any level of automation, one of the first questions to follow (again, rightfully so) is whether or not these advancements will mean an end to thousands or millions of jobs. The good news is that humans are still too good at too much for AI to replace many of the jobs it might have had in its crosshairs. The better news? Robots and AI together might be able to eliminate many of the more tedious, time-consuming or boring tasks away from our jobs.

Wouldn’t that be swell?

Robots and AI fall short alone

“We fleshy beings remain more creative, more dexterous, and more empathetic—a particularly important skill in health care and law enforcement,” according to Matt Simon over at Wired. “What is happening is that the machines are taking parts of jobs, which isn’t anything new in the history of human labor: Humans no longer harvest wheat by hand, but with combines; we no longer write everything by hand, but with highly efficient word processors.”

That …

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