RELX Group: The Transformation to a Leading Global Information & Analytics Company (Part 2)

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With the world changing so rapidly, every company or organization that adapts to the changes becomes an example for all others. One very recent example for all companies to learn from and implement in their own decision making is the transformation of RELX Group to a leading global information and analytics company. I mentioned in my previous article, and the first part of this series, that the transformation at RELX Group has been interesting, but somewhat surprising at the same time. Considering the questions this brings to mind, I decided to delve into this concept even more.

For those new to the organization, RELX Group is a global company that provides information and analytics for business customers and professionals across industries. They help scientists make discoveries, lawyers win cases, doctors save lives, and insurance companies offer customers lower prices. In short, they enable their customers to make better decisions, get better results, and be more productive.

Last time around, I had the pleasure of talking with Kumsal Bayazit, who is the head of the CTO forum at RELX Group. She has been at the organization for over 13 years, which is why her insight was deeply appreciated by the readers and me. …

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