Reimagining the Workforce in the Age of AI

The disruption and evolution of the workplace is not a new phenomenon. It happened during the industrial revolution. It happened again with the advent of computers and the internet. It’s happened recently, with cloud computing, mobile use and automation software.

And now it’s set to happen again, on a whole new level, with the rise of artificial intelligence.

But how exactly could AI be set to change the workforce as we know it today?

The traditional workforce

Before measuring the workforce changes that AI might bring, it’s worth looking at the current state of things. The modern workforce is one of fluidity. Many employees work from home or on the move (known as digital nomadism).

The workforce of today also has a growing appreciation for the power of automation. For many businesses, employees spend a large amount of time using computers. Plus, often regardless of industry, the modern workforce tends to include some form of IT department or tech-based challenge.

Sought-after workforce skills, meanwhile, are based on knowledge of how to do things. For example, how to code, how to sell, how to do your accounts, and so on.

So, now that we have an idea of the current state of the workforce, how is AI set …

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