Public Cloud vs. Private Cloud vs. Hybrid Cloud Storage: Which is the Best?

It has become a common practice for both big and small enterprises to run programs and store information on the cloud. According to a poll conducted by RightScale, in the year 2017, more than 95% of businesses throughout the world and specifically in the Middle East are running apps as well as using cloud storage for an easy access of data and information. There are several types of cloud storage such as Public cloud, Private cloud and Hybrid cloud solutions that are chosen by the enterprises according to their business needs provided by cloud computing services. There are specifically three things to consider when zeroing on which cloud storage to consider.

Tasks at Hand: This is a factor on which several enterprises are considering to shift to cloud storage culture due to an application that is vital to the enterprise but works on a cloud. Thus, cloud storage is an answer to all the doubts and questions.
Storage priority: When storage is the main concern and priority of the individual or an enterprise, cloud storage readily becomes the answer to it. Expansion of the data and up gradation of the infrastructure becomes the reason of choosing a cloud storage system. 
Data priority: The …

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