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It seems that no matter how advanced cyber security systems get over time, the human factor always remains the greatest liability. When it comes to cyber attacks, most of the time the breach happened due to an employee’s misjudgment, carelessness, or simply lack of knowledge.

According to a research conducted by BakerHostetler that observed the causes of major security breaches in 2016, 24% of them were caused by employees’ actions or mistakes. On top of that, 31% of issues happened because of malware, which could easily be counted among employees’ mistakes. So, in total, over half of all security problems come from human errors. That is something that shouldn’t be ignored, especially in today’s world where the threat of cyber attacks is at an all-time high.

To keep this human factor at a manageable minimum, companies need to educate their employees and follow certain guidelines. Here is a list of things they should focus on.


We’ve already mentioned that the staggering amount of attacks come from phishing malware. This is the most commonly used online scam that can cause anything from small data leak, to complete security breach depending on the intentions of the hacker. Most of the time, phishing emails come in …

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