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This is the 10-year anniversary of the opening of the App Store. The first apps released included a To Do list, Facebook and AIM app. All of these apps were developed specifically for the iPhone platform.

Over the past ten years, this has been a recurring theme. Developers typically create their apps for a specific platform. If they plan to reach customers across different devices, they need to create different versions for each. This is known as native application development. However, a growing number of developers are developing applications that can be used across different platforms. This new approach is known as hybrid mobile app development.

Hybrid app development seems like a no-brainer since developers are now able to easily create code that is compatible across different devices. However, it has raised other challenges as well.

Predictive analytics is helping address the challenges and capitalise off of the opportunities that hybrid app development presents. Here are some of the roles that it is starting to play.

Responding to future security risks

Mobile app security is a serious concern in 2018. According to the 2016 NowSecure mobile security report, 25% of mobile apps have a high-risk security flaw. Trend Micro conducted a study the following year, …

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