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Have you put a bet on the FIFA World Cup?  If yes, the chances are you’ve made a pretty educated guess, right? You know which team has the strongest players or most favourable odds. Or maybe you’ve put some cash on your country’s team, (which normally I’d avoid England, but given their recent performance, I could be wrong too!) 

Either way, you might be best casting your bets in line with San Francisco based Unanimous AI. They use a technology called Swarm AI – algorithms modelled on swarms in nature that amplifies human intelligence. By using human intelligence and artificial intelligence together, they can predict outcomes better than humans or AI acting alone. 

Schools of fish, colonies of ants, swarms of bees, flocks of birds all use an intelligence system and are smarter together in order to navigate the natural world. They act in feedback loops, also called a hive mind or swarm intelligence that is found in many social species. This gives them a heightened intelligence, and Unanimous AI have replicated this using AI and human intelligence in order to carry out services for businesses like market research, analysis, forecasting and strategic insights. 

Use the intelligence of groups, in a contracted hive …

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