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If you’ve followed the news in the last year, you have probably heard about at least one “major” data breach exposing the information of millions of Americans. In 2017, there were a record-breaking 1,579 reported data breaches, a 44.7% increase over the numbers reported in 2016 (which was also a record-breaking year).

This explosive growth in the number of reported breaches each year clearly points to an issue in how personal data is collected and stored by organizations and corporations. To address this issue, we have examined the biggest four data breaches reported in 2017 and identified commonalities between the company’s handling of data that led to the breach. A single technology, edge security could have prevented all four of these breaches and the majority of the other 1,574.

The “Big Four”

When discussing the big data breaches of 2017, four quickly come to mind: Equifax, Deep Root Analytics, Uber, and Yahoo. In all four cases, a company trusted with personal information failed to properly secure it, leading to its exposure when their systems were breached.


When asked about the biggest data breach of 2017, most people’s minds go directly to Equifax. The credit monitoring company discovered in July 2017 that a hacker had …

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