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  • 2015-22015-06-24

    Manitoba’s new ombudsman; 2014 ombudsman annual reports; Nine new investigation reports added to website in June 2015; Coming soon – our new Privacy Impact Assessment tool.

  • 2015-12015-04-15

    Guidelines for administrative tribunals: publishing decisions online; Video surveillance guidelines; Guidance for the use of body-worn cameras; New investigation reports; Talking about our work; All Charities Award!

  • 2014-42014-12-15

    Season’s greetings; special edition of OmbudsNews and new Municipal Issues Series; Fall 2014 events; 2015 privacy calendars; Changing times – changing tools.

  • 2014 Special Municipal Edition2014-11-21

    Editorial; Giving reasons for your decisions; Balancing openness and transparency with safeguarding individual privacy; New municipal issues series.

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  • 2014-32014-09-02

    2014 Manitoba Connections Conference; FAQs about the conference; a healthy dose of privacy; new investigation reports posted online; privacy-wise stickers still available.

  • 2014-22014-06-24

    Be Privacy-Wise: Stickers to Promote e-Privacy; Is viewing your own information wrong?; 2014 Manitoba Connections Conference; FIPPA tips for applicants; Ombudsman 2013 annual reports; FCO Corrections Course; New investigation reports on web.

  • 2014-12014-04-01

    FIPPA and contracts between public bodies and private businesses, 2014 conference announced, All Charities Award, Ombudsman website turns ONE, Online PHIA toolkit launched.

  • 2013-42013-12-18

    2014 privacy calendars; Reasons for decisions; Municipal investigation reports added to website; Report on alleged partisan action by civil servant; PHIA amendments; Holiday message.

  • 2013-32013-10-21

    Know your health information rights; Email and FIPPA; Our mission, goals and values; Staff photo.

  • 2013-22013-06-24

    Read all about it! Manitoba Ombudsman releases 2012 annual reports; PHIA Day at Southern Health; Additional FIPPA and PHIA investigation reports on web; Meet your Access and Privacy Coordinator.

  • 2013-12013-03-26

    New website and Facebook page; Access and privacy conferences update; 10 things to know about The Public Interest Disclosure (Whistleblower Protection) Act; Make every month “fraud prevention month”.

  • 2012-42012-12-19

    Achieving Fairness Guide released; Data Privacy Day, January 28, 2013; Guard your card; Bill 4, The Personal Health Information Amendment Act – proposed changes for offences; An update about eChart Manitoba.

  • 2012-32012-10-31

    FIPPA access guide released; Right to Know Week 2012; Ombudsman Act amendment; Mark your calendars – Manitoba Ombudsman to host two access and privacy conferences in Winnipeg in May 2013.

  • 2012-22012-06-27

    Manitoba Ombudsman releases 2011 annual reports; Making a decision to disregard FIPPA access requests; Winnipeg Police Service FIPPA Access Practices Assessment Audit Report; Communication and complaints.

  • 2012-12012-04-24

    Canadian Survey on Privacy, Health Information, and Patient Confidence; Giving reasons for decisions; City of Winnipeg FIPPA audit report released; Law Day 2012.

  • 2011-42011-12-20

    Hot off the press (new brochure series); Alberta privacy breach underscores the value of seeing who has viewed your records in the provincial electronic health record system; Volunteers wanted – FIPPA access practices check-up.

  • 2011-32011-11-02

    Investigation reports on Access and Privacy website; Right to Know week recap; International conference of information commissioners; eChart Manitoba update; Manitoba hosts public interest disclosure meeting.

  • 2011-22011-06-21

    Access and privacy – 2011 systemic investigations and audits; 2012 annual report released; Update on eChart Manitoba; Introduction to FIPPA for local public bodies.

  • 2011-12011-02-17

    Amendments to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act; What’s new in privacy?; New publications; Protecting personal information on mobile devices.

  • 2010-42010-12-10

    eChart Manitoba and your privacy; Right to Know – Grace-Pepin Access to Information Award; Province and six cities proclaim Right to Know; Brandon Friendship Centre visit.

  • 2010-32010-09-23

    Right to Know 2010; Access and privacy – systemic investigations and audits; Interns at Manitoba Ombudsman; National meetings.

  • 2010-22010-06-10

    Amendments to The Personal Health Information Act; When can you control the sharing of your personal health information?; Report on Manitoba’s Employment and Income Assistance Program; 2009 annual report released.

  • 2010-12010-04-07

    Manitoba Ombudsman is celebrating its 40th anniversary!; An Ombudsman for Manitoba; Ombudsmen in quotes; Five questions for Irene Hamilton.

  • Fall 20092009-11-18

    UN Convention of the Rights of the Child turns 20; Right to Know requires vigilance; Appreciative inquiry; Introducing ‘in our view’.

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  • Summer 20092009-09-21

    Celebrate your right to know right now!; A primer on electronic health record terms and initiatives; Organizational changes; New in print.

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  • Spring 20092009-06-08

    Privacy and the Manitoba Enhanced ID Card; Protected disclosures – in the public interest; Community outreach; Ombudsman celebrates 200th anniversary of the ombudsman role.

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  • Winter 20092009-03-13

    Early considerations regarding public area surveillance; Municipal fairness project; Child death reviews; Community outreach.

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  • Fall 20082008-09-26

    Manitoba ombudsman hosts a correctional investigators conference; Prairie Health Information Privacy Day and workshops; New, up-to-date inquest reporting procedure; Sharing with municipalities around Manitoba.

  • Summer 20082008-09-10

    Mark your dates for Right to Know; Child welfare – reporting on the progress of implementing recommendations for improvement; Bringing public scrutiny; More students and teachers join the herd.

  • Spring 20082008-06-16

    Law Day 2008; Report on Licencing and Enforcement Practices of Manitoba Water Stewardship; Assistance for safer faxing and emailing practices; Problem solving.

  • Winter 20072007-12-21

    A strong Right to Know Week in Manitoba; Partnering with Manitoba Health to help health professionals with PHIA; Community outreach; Partners with the Forum of Canadian Ombudsman.

  • Fall 20072007-09-26

    John Reid to celebrate Right to Know week in Manitoba; Ombudsman supports taxpayers’ right to be heard; Community outreach; Privacy commissioners and ombudsmen call for changes to no-fly list program.

  • Summer 20072007-07-04

    Whistleblower protection act creates new processes, new responsibilities; Welcoming national and international ombudsmen to Winnipeg; Assistance on reporting a privacy breach; Manitoba Ombudsman makes the grade.

  • Spring 20072007-04-11

    Manitoba Ombudsman goes to school; 2006 annual report; Youth Rights pamphlets; Introducing our Intake Service team.

  • Winter 20062006-12-22

    Introducing our newsletter; Brown bag talks on access and privacy topics; Ombudsman and the child welfare review; Reaching out to Aboriginal communities.