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The new year has always been an important marker for cybersecurity professionals – just think back to Y2K and the widespread concern that every piece of technology might stop working at midnight on January 1, 2000. After a tough 2018, marked by extensive spam communication via both email and telephone, tens of thousands of different internet scams, and substantial business losses related to online fraud, though, experts are predicting an even more tumultuous 2019.

Here are four threats that may be on the horizon, and what the cybersecurity professionals suggest you can do to stop them.

Cryptojacking Takes Over

Cryptocurrency made significant gains in popularity in 2018, as even some mainstream businesses began accepting these digital funds. In order to keep up with demands, though, users need to “mine” the funds, and they often do so by using other people’s computer power. In 2019, then, both personal and business computer users should watch out for cryptojacking – using another person’s CPU power to run cryptocurrency algorithms. Cryptojacking not only slows down computers but is a sign that your system is vulnerable and you need to increase network protections.

The Globe Embraces GDPR

The launch of GDPR, the regulations protecting data use and management in European …

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