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New case note

In our latest case note, we explain how we disagreed with Immigration New Zealand’s view on a young migrant who sought to have his age changed in the agency’s records to more accurately reflect his actual age. The case has been referred to the Director of Human Rights Proceedings for consideration. Case note 264435 [2015] NZ PrivCmr 8 – Immigration NZ refuses to correct birth date.

Technology and Privacy Forum

The Acting Director of the Government Security and Communications Bureau will be speaking at our next Technology & Privacy Forum on Friday 11 September. Una Jagose will discuss aspects of cyber-security in New Zealand from the perspective of running a government intelligence agency. Due to high demand, we have moved the event to the Co-create space on the main floor of the National Library in Wellington. Our usual venue is the Thorndon Room on the building’s lower ground floor. Instead of  entering the Aitken Street entrance, use the main doorway on Molesworth Street. There will be signs and staff to direct you to the event.

If you have made a reservation to attend on behalf of others, please advise them of the change in venue.  If you have indicated you want to attend but are now unable to do so, please advise us – or 474 7590. The forum is already full but we will be keeping a waiting list if you wish to register.

Our latest blog posts

Holmes vs Housing New Zealand


Charles Mabbett    14 August 2015

A Housing New Zealand tenant who found himself in a bureaucratic limbo when he complained to several agencies about a noisy neighbour has been awarded $400 damages. More


$15,000 award shows need to follow workplace policy


Charles Mabbett    17 August 2015

People have a right to access information about themselves. When workplace policies reinforce this right, it is risky to deviate from them. This was recently underlined in a Human Rights Review Tribunal decision to award a former Capital Coast DHB (CCDHB) nurse $15,000 for being denied information about a harassment complaint she made against her manager. More


The search for an accurate age


Sam Grover    18 August 2015

What happens when an agency’s record of your identity conflicts with who you actually are? This is the question we grappled with in an Immigration New Zealand case that we recently referred to the Director of Human Rights Proceedings. More


Bankruptcy and the right to be forgotten


Richard Stephen    20 August 2015

The issue over whether a person’s past should continue to be discoverable online is one of the big privacy debates of our time. Although the concept of the ‘right to be forgotten’ has been around since 2006, it gained momentum in 2014 when the European Court of Justice agreed that a Spanish man, Mario Gonzalez, had the right to get Google to “break the link” to online information about his past financial difficulties. More


What you need to know about the Ashley Madison breach


Sam Grover    21 August 2015

When the Ashley Madison data breach story first broke, it was quite isolated. It was a criminal matter for local authorities and a PR disaster for Ashley Madison itself, but that’s as far as it went. More


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