Multi-Access Edge Computing- A Perfect IoT Technique

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Internet of things (IoT) is the vast world of things that are completely related to internet business. In this fast pace world, IoT has revolutionized the way of thinking towards business. Moving our talk towards MEC (multi-access edge computing) which is becoming an emerging and growing trend in IoT.

MEC plays a key role as an enabler for the things related to IoT because it is known to be a more valuable or recognized concept and technology in architecture. That’s why it is an important element for the network of a future generation.

ETSI is a technological trend in MEC that describes MEC in more general. Basically, ETSI is an IT service provider that is advance with cloud computing abilities in the mobile network along RAN (Radio Access Network). Below we will discuss this IoT trend MEC in more detail that completely verifies its concept and influence in IoT business.

Standardization Of MEC In Globe

To standardize MEC in global organizations, ETSI has established ISG (Industry Specification Group) that provides an open or efficient environment to third-party applications across different multi-access platforms. The purpose of these specifications is to revolutionize its use in the globe along with providing the framework to architecture references to …

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