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When technologists talk about artificial intelligence and customer experience in the same sentence, they’re usually talking about bots. More specifically, pundits generally focus on how the mass deployment of support bots has seriously reduced CSat scores in nearly every major industry.

Bots, however, employ a very simplistic and inexpensive form of AI programming that’s far too primitive to really meet the needs of customers in the real world. Savvy companies are now deploying far more sophisticated AI mechanisms alongside skilled technicians to reduce wait times and ensure that everyone’s diverse needs are met.

Defining CSat Metrics

Computer scientists and marketing experts don’t have very much in common. Statistics may be the only area where the two fields do overlap regularly. Programmers and customer service gurus both want to interpret information in terms of easily digestible metrics.

Measuring customer satisfaction isn’t easy, but some companies are using what they refer to as CSat key performance indicators. These are often part of the balanced scorecard sheets businesses use to find out how frustrated people are with their support crews.

Outsourcing support teams began in the early 1990s, and customers quickly jumped ship from many brands that adopted the practice. An overwhelming majority of larger firms have been …

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