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Artificial intelligence (AI) and associated technologies are transforming marketing in 2018. Virtual reality (VR), voice search, and AI are increasingly important to marketing campaigns. While all are not ready for full implementation, there are aspects of each that businesses currently see a positive ROI. Voice search is ripe now. AI has already impacted the world but is still in its early stages. VR shows a lot of promise and begs investment. Some business sectors can substantially profit from VR right now. AI and VR are likely to dominate the future of marketing. The convenience of voice search, coupled with technological advancement, makes it a valuable asset for the coming future.

Technology for Modern Day Marketing

AI, VR, and voice search offer a lot of promise to an interconnected world. Marketers can combine these technologies to reach consumers in new ways. Consumers can meet their needs more easily. In this marketing model, both profit and maximise their time.


AI, in conjunction with machine learning, represents one of the most profitable ventures in human history. It has already improved basic applications, like personalised engagement. Forbes looked at two studies that showed the majority of marketers and consumers believe the world is ready for AI. This …

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