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The technology revolution of the 21st Century has opened the avenues towards many possibilities. We now have a mobile data traffic explosion on our hands, which can end up expanding growth while we move into the next decade. Due to a continuous upwards curve in the number of people using mobile phones, global mobile data is set to witness a steep rise in its chart. The rise has also been propagated through technological advances when it comes to the Internet of Things (IoT) and the use of 4G networks in expanding the scope of all that is offered to the consumers.

Experts have also suggested that global mobile data traffic is set to explode and reach a figure of 100 exabytes per month in 2023. This would mean that annual figures would surge well over 580 exabytes. Moreover, there would also be an increase in the number of connected devices. There would be 31.6 billion devices in the world by 2023, which would be a sizable increase from the 17.5 billion devices we have now. This expected rise in mobile data traffic and the presence of newer and better technology outlets has meant that firms operating in the industry need to up …

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