Master the Art of Thinking Clearly Before Making Your Analytics Investment

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I lead the technology industry business unit for a fast-growing analytics firm. And one of the perks of my job is the numerous conversations I get to have with a variety of prospects or clients.

I recently read the novel ‘The Art of Thinking Clearly’ by Rolf Dobelli, which deals with systematic cognitive errors of human beings as a result of our evolution.

I enjoyed reading the book immensely, relating those cognitive errors to what I experience every day. I am selecting a few rampant cognitive errors mentioned in the book and linking them to situations I have come across.


Def: The mania for all things new and shiny.

The desire to have marketing automation, machine learning models, artificial intelligence, and other such cutting-edge capabilities is intense in organizations today and probably justified. However, it’s alarming to see many of these efforts promise a very large ROI but never deliver it. I once had an executive of a large organization say without batting an eyelid, “We have invested millions in a big data environment, and we now need to figure how to use it.”

I am always disappointed when I hear things like – “Can you tell me how I can use machine learning capabilities in …

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