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How can our manufacturing sector improve competitiveness through smart use of computing technology? Unsurprisingly, a serious investment in our own understanding of options is a critical step. There are many ways to learn, and the experts would say we should avail ourselves of as many as possible.

Competition is increasingly tech-savvy

Modeling and simulation, using HPC, have grown to become very common to the design process. Physical modeling and testing and, in some cases, have completely replaced physical modeling and testing. Yet, there is much more physical testing out there than computer modeling in all but the largest companies. Thanks to modern compute power, the pace of innovation is now arguably faster than it has ever been. Unsurprisingly, the next wave of change will come even faster. It has already been making inroads in the savviest of organizations.

Competition pushes us to differentiate our products, find ways to reduce time to market, improve quality, lower costs, and derive additional income streams from those products (e.g. support services). This all but necessitates the use of computer-aided engineering (CAE) and simulation technologies. Simulation allows analysts, engineers, and designers to thoroughly test the quality, usability and through-life behavior of new designs before creating costly physical prototypes.

It is not …

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