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Are you deploying PostgreSQL in the cloud and want to understand your options for achieving high availability? In our previous blog post, Managing High Availability in PostgreSQL – Part I, we discussed the capabilities and functioning of PostgreSQL Automatic Failover (PAF) by ClusterLabs. In Part II, we’re introducing you to an alternative open source tool, Replication Manager from 2ndQuadrant, to be closely followed by Part III where we dive into our third alternative, Patroni by Zalando.

Replication Manager (repmgr)

repmgr is an open-source tool suite developed by 2ndQuadrant for managing replication and failover of your PostgreSQL clusters. It provides the tools to setup, configure, manage, and monitor replication of PostgreSQL, and also enables you to perform manual switchover and failover tasks using repmgr utility. This free tool supports and enhances PostgreSQL’s built-in streaming replication.

Replication Manager provides two main tools to manage replication and failover of PostgreSQL.


A command-line interface utility which enables you to perform various administrative tasks.
repmgr enables you to setup standby servers, promote standbys, do a switchover, and monitor the status of your PostgreSQL cluster.
It also provides dry run option for almost all of the administrative commands.


This is the daemon which:

Actively monitors the PostgreSQL clusters and performs necessary actions based on the state of the cluster.
Performs automatic failover in case the primary node goes down by promoting …

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