Learning, Innovation and Business Change

Creating new knowledge is an intuitive human endeavour and it brings value and change to individuals, companies and society by shedding light the patterns, practices, inconsistencies and paradoxes in the observed world. Knowledge creates a competitive advantage for organisations and corporations because researching existing problems triggers learning episodes and helps to identify resolutions.

These learning episodes follow predictable adapt, learn and innovate cycles were considered actions based on knowledge are fed back into further discovery. The organisational journey of knowledge discovery changes the business view of the world and a learning organisation should leverage this wisdom to better inform the decisions, products and service offerings made in their interactions with customers.


The growth in data digitisation and storage, utilised by machine learning and artificial intelligence increases the capacity of organisations and individuals to grow and create new knowledge about themselves and other parties.  This investment in information storage reflects the view of the organisation as a rational learning machine that engineers transition through technology. This rational learning allows the business to grow and change as an organic entity would, as a result of the social action this learning brings about. Learning brings organisations and individuals towards an understanding of the true nature …

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