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The world is changing and so does the way we handle our cybersecurity issues. Securing our systems has become so advanced such that people without knowledge about the security of various systems are finding it hard to survive in a technological world that is changing on a daily basis. Hackers are becoming more advanced in their undertakings such that they are jeopardizing our current security systems. It is assumed that we have sufficiently countered the harmful effects of cyber criminals and that we are safe from cyber-attacks. However, it is expected that hackers will gain knowledge and have the means to counter the current security systems

Quantum Computers

In the next few years, the world of computer technology is expecting computers that store data in the form of subatomic particles. These are advanced computers that use high-end systems which can override any security systems that people have incorporated into their systems. Recent research studies indicate that in the next five years, hackers will be using quantum computers. This means that the current security methods will be null and void because quantum computers can easily override any encryption method that you have used to secure your system.

Simple computer functions such as sharing …

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