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PostgreSQL, the fourth most popular database and DBMS of the Year in 2017, has exploded in popularity amongst the development and database communities across the world. Stealing market share from leaders Oracle, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL hosting is also highly leveraged by new businesses in exciting spaces like IoT, e-commerce, SaaS, analytics, and more. Read the Latest PostgreSQL Trends report.

So What’s Trending in PostgreSQL Management?

We attended PostgresOpen in San Francisco last month to uncover the latest trends from the experts themselves.

Most Time-Consuming PostgreSQL Management Tasks

So, what’s eating up your time on the PostgreSQL management front? While there are thousands of tasks involved with managing your PostgreSQL production deployments, managing queries was the strong leader with over 30% from respondents.

Managing space was a distant second with 15% of PostgreSQL users finding it their most difficult task, followed by replication, upgrades, and monitoring. 23% of PostgreSQL users fell into the “All others” category, consisting of tasks like patching, recoveries, partitioning, and migrations.

Managing PostgreSQL Queries Breakdown

With the far lead on managing PostgreSQL queries, we dove deeper to see what specific tasks were consuming their time. The results spread across the entire process of managing queries, from structuring at setup to optimizing after analysis.

To explain this further, …

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