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If you are using social media for business or personal branding (which, if you read any of our articles, you will know that you should be), you simply can’t ignore social media analytical data. Social media analytics is one of the keys to your success. Social media analytics produces metrics that serve as the data and statistics that give you insights into your social media marketing performance, the public perception of your brand, areas for growth and opportunity and your cliental base. While some social media marketing metrics are universal, each individual who uses social media analytics has a different goal (even people with different roles, within the same company). In our last article, we tried to demonstrate why social media analytics is for anyone and any organization, regardless of your size or job industry. It may seem overwhelming to know where you fall into- meaning what goals you should be setting, or what types of things you need from an analysis, but don’t worry, we have you covered.

Goal Setting

Without goals and metrics, you won’t know if the new strategy you’re trying out is working or what you should be posting. The key to setting any goal, social media or otherwise, is to be both specific and get very clear in what you what to measure, and then how to actually go about finding a way to measure whatever it may be. It is worth noting that some individuals, brand and/or companies set different goals for different social networks, or have multiple goals. When you design your social media analysis plans, you can keep this in mind, but remember that there is no right or wrong way to decide what you want to measure- as long as it is important to your end goals.  First, we will review (very briefly) some of the functions that our analysis tool can perform. Each of these features has a corresponding role, which we will discuss in the second half of this article.

  • Explore
    • Description: Analyze your tweets and followers
  • Cultivate
    • Explore + find out the influential users, popular content to tweet, and who to follow
  • Analyze
    • Cultivate + query and analyze custom keywords that fit your interests
    • Have access to dynamic graphs to visualize your community and keywords
    • Find out who is talking, what they are talking about, and how you fit within the conversation
  • Promote
    • Do you have a cause or product to promote? This feature lets you track mentions of your product to see who is tweeting about it, what they are saying, and lets you analyze community sentiment to better promote yourself or your product
  • Lead
    • For politicians – our KI Social-exclusive feature, in partnership with NewPolitico, offers features such as geo-location (see what people in your riding/state/province are tweeting), follow conversations, do opposition research, and understand what constituents care about
  • Discover Health
    • Analyze what people are saying about health, sickness, and other medical related topics.

For more detail on each of our features, our services and how the KI SOCIAL can be used to help your brand and/or marketing campaign or to sign up for our services, please feel free to contact us.

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