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NoETL. The little brother of NoSQL

You have probably come across the term NoSQL. It was coined a few years back to describe a class of database systems that can scale across a large number of nodes for distributed (and sometimes global processing) of transactions (OLTP). Very early technologies were DynamoDB and Cassandra. These technologies trade in scalability for consistency (no strong read consistency and no transactional consistency). Over time the term was overloaded to mean any non-relational datastore. I have even heard people refer to Hadoop as NoSQL. The term NoSQL is unfortunate and a lot of people find it confusing. It actually has nothing to do with the SQL query language. In fact, many NoSQL databases support SQL.

Then there is the term NoETL. You might have come across it in recent conversations, presentations, or articles. It was coined in analogy to NoSQL. If you think that NoSQL is confusing then you are probably glad to hear that you are not alone.

I was intrigued to find out more when I first came across the term. NoETL? No more tedious integration and cleansing of data from different data siloes. Data heaven. This sounds too good to be true… and you can bet …

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