Israel’s Leading Online Directory b144 Increases CTR by 560% Using Dynamic Search Ads

Israel’s Leading Online Directory b144 Increases CTR by 560% Using Dynamic Search Ads

Operated by Israel’s leading telecommunications company, Bezeq provides a directory of personal and business listings online called To reach its customers with more relevant messaging and boost its prominence in search results, Bezeq implemented Dynamic Search Ads to match individual search queries with relevant listings and ads. As a result, it increased CTR 560% and ROI for Dynamic Search Ads by 260%.


  • Improve campaign management efficiency
  • Increase prominence in search results
  • Provide customers with more relevant messaging


  • Implemented Dynamic Search Ads
  • Matched individual search queries with relevant listings and ads


  • Raised CTR 560%
  • Boosted ROI for Dynamic Search Ads 260%
  • Saved valuable campaign management time
  • Decreased CPC 35%
  • Average position went from around 5-7 down to 1
December 2014

Bezeq, the largest telecommunications company in Israel, has been the main landline provider since the nation was founded in 1948. In 2008, the company launched its online phone directory for individuals and businesses,, and with people increasingly turning online for information, this directory has become core to the company’s business.

As part of its digital strategy, b144 started offering advertising bundles for small- to medium-sized businesses on its site. For these brands to reach their intended audiences, b144 had to move away from generic keywords and find a better way to target its vast customer base and deliver relevant messaging. To do so, it needed to improve its campaign management efficiency across desktop and mobile channels.

A broad audience demands a precise digital strategy

B144’s directory includes a wide variety of listings, such as lawyers, plumbers, schools, taxi services and others. Its audience is vast—basically, anyone searching for an individual or business within the country. B144 first had to find a way to connect customers’ search queries with the right listings. In response, the brand turned to its agency partners for help. “Our agency, GO, and our team at Google suggested we use Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) to match customers’ online searches with the most relevant businesses near their location using engaging ads,” says Tom Zinger, digital marketing manager, b144.

The company also needed to find a way to increase its digital marketing performance, but it had to do so without investing more of its budget online. Before implementing DSA, b144 used generic AdWords keywords for every business category in the directory. This approach meant it wasn’t always targeting the right users, and as a result, the company had to bid less aggressively to maintain a positive ROI.

Saving campaign management time

The shift to DSA had a positive effect on the marketing team’s workflow. Using DSA’s dynamic targeting capabilities, b144 was able to reduce the creation time of search campaigns to an average of ten minutes. Previously, the same search campaign process would have eaten up valuable hours of the team’s time.

B144 started using DSA with just six pilot search campaigns last year. Today, it’s running more than 850 DSA campaigns.

Investing less and doubling the return

B144 has seen vast improvements in its approach to paid search, from time management benefits for the marketing team to improved performance for its search campaigns. Because of DSA’s automation, campaign creation takes around ten minutes compared to the many hours and days it took prior to DSA.

“Before DSA, our generic keywords were very expensive and the average position would be around 5, 6 or 7. With DSA, we can now achieve an average position of 1 even in highly competitive auctions, and also show sitelinks,” says Arie Tsodikov, account manager, Go Advertising. As a result, b144’s listings have gained prominence in Google Search without the company having to spend more. Its cost per click (CPC) has decreased by 35%, allowing it to invest more spend back into AdWords—b144 continues to add more DSA campaigns every month.

Along with higher-quality traffic for b144’s advertisers, the ability to better target specific search with relevant content has increased b144’s click-through rate (CTR) by an impressive 560%.