Is Traditional Data Obsolete? Considerations in the Age of Big Data

When we talk about data today, we almost always talk about big data – information collected through passive processes in enormous amounts. But big data’s domination also raises a question: does traditional data collection even matter anymore?

Big Data’s Abilities

As the dominant framework, big data is the first place businesses look for insights when they need to make a big decision, and because this type of data collection is ongoing, it allows businesses to accelerate the decision-making process. When a question arises, all they need to do is apply a different set of filters, and the answer is already there, embedded in the vast data stores.

Beyond Big Data

Unfortunately, while big data may provide a large amount of information on a range of activities, it’s significantly different from traditional market research, and it lacks many of those nuances. That’s why, even though they have access to enormous amounts of data, large companies like Facebook and Google still perform traditional market research. Market research can help businesses understand the motivations behind trends seen in big data, enhance their products, and gain insight into where customers’ self-perception diverges from their behavior.

Ease Of Analysis

It’s easy to ignore market research when you have access to an …

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