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It’s not difficult to imagine a world where algorithms offer us the services and products we need before we realise we need them. We have already placed our collective foot firmly in that door with data collection algorithms that amass and sort information at speeds that would make a Rolodex burst into flames, yet we’re still on the brink of pushing into the realm where AI takes advantage of our existing data collection to give another shot in the arm to our already consumerism-focused society.

How unrealistic is it to think automation might be the spark that ignites a cultural flame?

The Marketing of Big Data

Tying the needs of the consumer to buying patterns and spending habits are starting to feel like old hat, but there’s still plenty of room to expand as big data takes over retail and tracking the consumer’s dollar. No matter where a transaction takes place, automation ensures an extra line of information is neatly filed away into a customer profile whether it’s in person or over the internet.

This data is more than just a collection of ads waiting to be served, however; It’s the very heart and soul of automation and artificial intelligence as a whole. Without …

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