Is Searching for the Killer IoT Application a Waste of Time? Part 1: IoT Horizontal Apps

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While so many companies and people are searching for the “IoT killer horizontal app”, nobody has found it yet. You can be sure that I have neither. Otherwise, I would not be writing this article and I would be furiously developing it. There are people who think pet care or fitness could be the “killer app” for IoT?  Sorry, but I do not buy it.

For others, the killer IoT app winners will be in verticals like predictive maintenance in manufacturing, smart home or smart city solutions. But I agree with Daniel Elizalde who is arguing that there’s no true “killer app” for IoT and that any company can create the right killer app to solve a business need of a customer or a whole industry.

Claudio Carnevali, CEO of Iomote, posted the following comment on LinkedIn recently “ Why measuring Temperature and Humidity seems the killer application for most of the IoT industry? Are your customers rheumatic?” – The comment is comical but at the same time ironic. In the absence of bright or innovative ideas, it seems that we would have discovered the fire when we install sensors and we can visualise temperature and humidity in real-time on the screen of our smartphone.

Luc Perard, …

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