Is Religion The Next Frontier For AI?

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AI engineer Anthony Levandowski, who is notoriously at the centre of a lawsuit between Uber and Waymo, has filed the paperwork for a new Artificial Intelligence-based religion, Way of the Future or WOTF for short. This AI religion’s aim is to ‘contribute to the betterment of society’ through ‘understanding and worship of the (AI) Godhead’, according to the proposal. The WOTF is set to consist of Levandowski as a Dean, and a further small council of advisors.

It’s no surprise that in our increasingly secular society, we see a rise in new religious movements. Over millions of years, our planet and different civilisations on it have worshipped many different gods and deities. Science, discovery and new technologies have influenced religion in the past, so is it really all that far-fetched to think that our digital age should birth an AI god?  

According to WIRED, Levandowski’s reasoning behind the implementation of an AI godhead is down to transition. He explains that he believes humans rule the planet because they’re smarter than other species on it, so once we create something smarter than ourselves, there would naturally be a transition of power.

Arguably, you can also see the beginnings of an AI allegiance of …

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