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Artificial Intelligence is getting an upswing day-by-day. No doubt, it is a realistic and emerging innovation but there also present limitations that businesses must aware of. AI is a complex solution that is more expensive for small businesses due to their limited data and resources.

Dan Faggella, a renowned AI expert, said something for this,

“Almost 99.9% small businesses don’t even need AI to earn profitable outcomes right now.”

Cost-Effective For Small Businesses?

As machines need a lubricant to work properly, algorithms behind an AI also needs to be optimized and changed with respect to the operational conditions. For regular AI updates, investment is required which is a big hassle for small businesses which is unavoidable.

Should You Rely On AI Only!

Do you think, AI can’t go wrong? AI works on algorithms, it can’t resolve issues or concerns on its own. It definitely needs a human touch to work properly. It can go wrong at any stage. It should be tested precisely before letting it go to work on your brand.

You should monitor and track when you need to modify its algorithms. In this regards, as a small business owner, you would suffer because working on AI with limited resources is not completely beneficial. AI …

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