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With the massive explosion of the Internet of Things, the world is in need of programmers more than ever. Coding is perhaps one of the most important job skills to have as we enter into Industry 4.0 and what has been branded the new ‘industrial revolution’. Whilst many believe that computer programming is where the big money is, there’s also some speculation that coding is just ‘the next big blue collar job’, becoming as commonplace as any other manual labour work we have today. Whatever the case may be, there’s no denying that having the right programming skills can ensure a secure and stable income.

To prepare for early education for coders of the future, The Raspberry Pi Foundation, a registered educational charity, has created a key learning platform. This learning platform is the RasPi credit-card sized computer, a tiny device that allows people of all ages to discover a whole new world of computing, including programming languages such as Scratch and Python.

How Does Raspberry Pi Work?

RasPi works by plugging into any computer monitor or TV, and it can be used with a standard keyboard and mouse. Just like any other desktop platform, Raspberry Pi allows you to surf the …

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