IoT: An Open Ocean of Opportunities

The Internet of Things (IoT) is in the wild west phase of its development. There are no formal regulations that dictate a security protocol which is evenly employed by all manufacturers, yet. While there is a distinct lack of structure in the developmental process, there is no shortage of pioneers eagerly hitching up their wagon and venturing out to explore the vast new wilderness. What this means is there are ample opportunities within each industry to become early adopters who can make the most out of this new wave of technology as long as they are carefully vetting the providers with which they choose to work.

Fleet Management

Those companies that have large transportation fleets stand to benefit substantially from the growing integration of IoT technologies. IoT fleet management with companies like Fathym makes it possible to monitor drivers in real time, which can be beneficial to both the driver and the company.

Fleet managers have the ability to maintain far more control over their fleet than ever before. Cell phones and GPS technology have steadily increased the amount of influence and control they can exert. With the integration of the IoT even more is possible. Dispatchers can monitor speeding, unscheduled stops, vehicle maintenance issues, and accidents.

This …

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