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The current trend of automation has been branded as ‘Industry 4.0’, a phase that many believe to be the next economic revolution. Michael E Porter of the Harvard Business Review said: “What is underway is perhaps the most substantial change in the manufacturing firm since the second industrial revolution, more than a century ago.”

The Internet of Things combines the power of machinery and computers, bridging the gap through connectivity. Turning human-operated machine in the manufacturing, production, construction and agriculture industries into an intelligent or ‘smart’ entity. There’s no doubt that robotics and drones plus automated processes are going to change industry forever. But which jobs will be affected the most by the application of IoT machinery? Here are a few of the ways that

1. Jobs in Hybrid Verticals

One of the biggest fears is that IoT will lead to mass unemployment, but many experts believe the effect to be more of a shift in the job landscape. Roles in hybrid verticals (such as IT + energy, IT + healthcare, or IT + agriculture) will become key to driving businesses forward. This could mean that existing workers will need to be re-skilled at their jobs, or it could see the formation …

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